Why GLP-1 medications?

GLP-1 Medications

It’s Science

Inspired by your body's own processes, our ​once-weekly weight loss meds mimic natural ​hormones to control appetite effectively.

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Less than 1mL dose

Simple and Effective

Just once a week—thanks to a 7-day half-life, ​staying on track is easier than ever.

How do GLP-1 Work?

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Appetite Suppression

GLP-1 drugs act like a natural hormone that's ​released when you eat, making you feel ​satisfied and less hungry. This helps you eat ​less and can lead to weight loss.

Consume Smaller Portions
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Stable Sugar Levels

Blood Sugar Control

These meds slow down how fast food leaves ​your stomach, which helps avoid sudden ​increases in blood sugar after meals, making ​your blood sugar levels more stable ​throughout the day.


Insulin Production

GLP-1 drugs help your pancreas release ​more insulin when your blood sugar is high. ​Insulin is a hormone that helps your body ​use or store the sugar you get from food, ​which lowers your blood sugar levels.

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What is semaglutide (generic ​for Wegovy/Ozempic)?

Semaglutide is a generic form of a weight loss medicine—​like Ozempic/Wegovy. It helps with a common weight issue ​where people eat too much or feel too hungry. A lot of ​people deal with this, especially as they get older. ​Semaglutide can help them eat less and lose weight.
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What is Tirzepatide (generic for ​Mounjaro/Zepbound)?

Tirzepatide is a type of medicine also known as Mounjaro® ​or Zepbound®. It helps people lose weight by making them ​feel less hungry and helping them eat less. It's really useful ​for folks who are very overweight or who have tried to lose ​weight by eating less or exercising but haven't seen the ​results they want. Tirzepatide works by acting like natural ​stuff in our bodies that control how hungry we feel and ​how our body handles sugar, which helps people eat less ​and start to lose weight.
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Good to Know

Who can use GLP-1 meds?

GLP-1 meds are for folks who are trying to lose weight, ​especially if they're very overweight or eat too much. Your ​doctor will tell you if it's a good fit for you.

What about side effects?

Like all meds, there might be some side effects. You might ​feel stomach aches at first, but they often get better. If ​you're worried about any side effect, your doctor can help ​adjust your treatment. It's rare to have serious side ​effects, but always check with us or your doctor if ​something doesn't feel right.
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